Padrón: a history in photos

Jorge and José O. Padrón share a moment in Estelí, Nicaragua
1926 Anniversary Serie No. 80
The first electric bill was for $50, August 1964.
The Steamship Covadonga. José O. Padrón sailed on this ship from Spain on November 22, 1961, en route to New York.
Rodolfo Padrón at Padrón Cigars’ offices, Miami, 1973.
Tabacos Cubanica employees, 1970.
José O. Padrón, Nicaragua, 1965
José O. Padrón, Nicaragua, 1965
Father Francisco Padrón, his brothers Rodolfo and Estelo, and José O. in the middle.
Padrón Cigars first employee holiday bonus.
Some of the Padróns, Jorge, José O., Marcos Soto, Orlando and Rodolfo, at a cigar convention at the Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee, 1998.
José O. Padrón inspecting tobacco, 1973.
José O. and Rodolfo Padrón smoking fumas, late 1970s.
Article in the Miami News on Padrón Cigars in Miami, March 1972.
José O. Padrón and Roberto Martínez inspecting the first shipment of Nicaraguan tobacco to the United States, 1967.
Life Magazine, 1971 (left to right) Rodolfo Padrón, Victoriano Méndez, José O. Padrón and Vicente Matilla.