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Vertically Integrated

Keeping the Padrón Family’s pledge to hand crafting only the finest, balanced and complex cigars.

Family-owned and singularly committed to maintaining the necessary care and control across every aspect of our cigar-making process, from seed to smoke allowing us to consistently deliver what our customers have come to expect from our cigars; the confidence that each Padrón cigar is the same … perfect.


Tobacco seeds are germinated. The healthiest plants are left to grow while the others are plucked and discarded.


Tobacco seedlings ready for transplanting to the fields.


Fully grown seedlings are then transplanted.


Jorge Padrón on a tobacco farm in Nicaragua inspecting a crop of sun-grown habano tobacco.


During harvest, the tobacco leaf is removed from the plant and transported to barns.


Once in the barns, the tobacco is placed on “cujes” for drying.


The tobacco is then placed in the appropriate “Pilon” for the long process of curing and fermentation.


When the filler tobacco is fully fermented, it is then deveined.


José O. Padrón inspects tobacco for future use. Once the curing process is complete and tobacco is deveined it is dried and put into bales for aging.


All tobacco is aged in bales for use in our cigar manufacturing.Throughout our history, we have tried to maintain enough tobacco for uniformity and consistency in our blends. 


Jorge Padrón inspects sun-grown habano wrapper leaves.


During the manufacturing process at our facility in Nicaragua, strict quality control measures are maintained to ensure consistent quality in our production..


All cigars are received from Padrón’s Nicaraguan farms and operations, again checked for quality, selected, sorted, boxed and then distributed to tobacconists from our office in the Little Havana area of Miami, Florida.
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