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Padrón 50th Anniversary 

Cigar & Humidor

This limited production and registered humidor released in 2014 commemorates the celebration of our 50th Anniversary with an offering of  1,000 chests, each containing 50 sequentially numbered cigars.

The initial release offered red sequential cigar serial numbers corresponding to each humidor number. Subsequent releases are available as a registered humidor refill only, are black in color and not sequential.

The unique blend is full-bodied, complex, but balanced, created exclusively to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Aged a minimum of ten years, the 50th Anniversary cigar is available in sun-grown natural or maduro wrapper. Contact your local authorized Padrón retailer for availability.

50th Anniversary

52 x 6 1/2  50 cigar humidor

CI Apr 16 – 94 Natural
CI Apr 16 – 93 Maduro
CA Apr 16 – 94 Natural


50th Anniversary Humidor    52 x 6 1/2    50 count chest
Originally offered in natural, maduro or mix of 25 natural / 25 maduro

50th Anniversary refill    52 x 6 1/2    50 count box
Available in natural, maduro or mix of 25 natural / 25 maduro

Padrón 50th Anniversary Humidor front
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